So most of us have been cooped up at home lately, and probably going a little crazy, right? Well, there's tons of ways to contribute to science while staying safe at home. And one of them is, of course, Stall Catchers!

Moreover, Citizen Science Month starts tomorrow! AND we haven't had a challenge for a while... AND schoolkids are out of school and need fun (and educational!) stuff to do from home! So...

We're having a #CabinFever challenge!!!

We're inviting teams of schools, families and our existing catchers to gather (remotely☝️) and help us crack the newest dataset in Stall Catchers, while also crushing that #CabinFever, and, most importantly, crushing Alzheimer's disease.

How to participate?

  1. Create or join a team on Stall Catchers! You can find the instructions here. If you're already on a team, you can stay on it, or jump ship to a different team if you like.
  2. Turn up and play Stall Catchers every day starting tomorrow (April 1). Make your team climb to the top of that leaderboard and claim all the glory! We will have daily and weekly leaderboards, featured on the site and this blog.
  3. Show up for the #CabinFever Bonus Round every Friday, 4-5pm ET. The last 30 minutes of the challenge will be hosted live by our own Pietro! Everyone can join the live call via Zoom (here's the link).

School team? Join in!

If you're a school team, you can compete in the main challenge AND in a special Schools league, which will have it's own leaderboard! We will announce schools leaderboards separately on the blog. So extra glory (and extra surprises) await you too! ;)

So if you're a teacher or a student leading a school team you should follow steps #1-3 above, as well as:

4. Join the "Schools" league on Stall Catchers. You will find the instructions here.

If you're new to Stall Catchers, here's a quick intro to get started:

And if you're a student, here's a handy intro and an entire Youtube list for you:

See you on Stall Catchers starting tomorrow - let's crush that #CabinFever, and #CRUSHAlz!