We've been having lots of fun tracking the CitSciDay Hero challenge, and here's the standing so far:

We already have 4 Heroes - hurry up and claim this title before Saturday!

To make things even LOUDER and more fun, we added another badge to the challenge: CitSci Village-Crier which you can claim if you share something about #CitSciDayHERO on social media !

Here's how to claim it:

  • Earn at least one project badge within the CitSciDay Hero challenge (step-by-step instructions here)

  • Share a post or one of your badges with the world (any social media channel or network) with the #CitSciDayHERO hashtag

  • Go to bit.ly/CitSciBadges and enter claim code "citsci-crier"

  • Click "Start quest" --> "Add text" or "Upload file" as evidence - a link or a screenshot of your post --> "Submit for admin approval"

We'll take care of the rest!! :)

Have fun with this new badge and the rest of the challenge, and keep spreading the word about all the cool citizen science that one can do! It takes a village 💪