Day 28 is finished (and so is Week 4!), and we have only two days left in the #CrushALZ competition on Stall Catchers!

Middle School STEM and Stall Destroyers are both keen to take the first place, but can CitSciGamers still sneak up on them and take the winner title? Who's going to be in the final Top 10?!

Read the report of Day 28 below...

Tune in to #CrushALZ LIVE finale on Saturday 8pm! All the details here:

Day 28
Start of day: May 3, 8pm ET
End of day: May 4, 8pm ET
Hours: 24

Teams: 30
Total vessels annotated: 13670 ↑0.81
Real vessels annotated: 8907↑5.15
-- Proportion of Real vessels: 65.16%

Progress toward research goal: 43.67%

Equivalent lab time: up to 22.7 weeks

Leading teams

Stall Destroyers have broken through to 1st place on the daily leaderboard again, and are rapidly diminishing the point difference keeping them from taking the 1st place from Middle School STEM on the Daily leaderboard!

CitSciGamers are left to lurk in 3rd on both leaderboards, but they could still easily sneak up and take the leader title for themselves!

The rest of the Top 10 in the All time leaderboard (for now!) are: EyesOnALZ, EyeWirers, STALLS WILL NOT PASS, Alzheimer's Research UK, Cornell Univ, KMS Genius Hour, Citizen Science Plus! Good luck in the final stretch, teams!

Only 2 days to go, and it's getting interesting! 😜 Who will be the ultimate stall crusher?!

Don't forget to join us for the #CrushALZ LIVE finale on Saturday, 8pm (US Eastern Time) & claim double points on the last day of #CrushALZ!