Day 26 of the #CrushALZ competition is through and we have only 4 days left! But we are crushing more than ever before - see all the record smashing numbers below.

The team competition is drawing to an end - but it is not too late to join & help your team #CrushALZ! Find all the current Stall Catchers teams here (you will have to register in the game if you haven't yet).

Teams are not going anywhere after the competition either! We will continue catching stalls & pushing towards the research goal (and the next research goal after that!) So now is as good a time as ever to JOIN US & help us crush Alzheimer's with science! πŸ™ƒ

Day 26
Start of day: May 1, 8pm ET
End of day: May 2, 8pm ET
Hours: 24

Teams: 29
Total vessels annotated: 16907 ↑7.78
Real vessels annotated: 10919↑20.73
-- Proportion of Real vessels: 64.58%

Progress toward research goal: 38.20%

Equivalent lab time: up to 19.8 weeks

We just keep climbing!

It is getting hard to believe the daily numbers once we receive them, or to quote Pietro 😜 :

look at the new, insane numbers...

On Day 26 we have analysed almost 17 thousand total vessels, of which almost 11 thousand were "real" vessels pushing us towards the research goal - smashing the previous records for both!

We are now at over 38% of the research goal (don't worry, even if we don't get to 100% until the end of #CrushALZ, we will still be able to complete this dataset after - our work at Stall Catchers will continue!), having saved up to almost 20 weeks of lab time!

Those are amazing achievements already, and we will keep pushing for the next few days for sure!

Daily leaders:

Largely responsible for the high numbers are the Middle School STEM who are leading the way on the daily leaderboard. Stall Destroyers took the 2nd again, but EyeWirers managed to climb to 3rd! Congrats!

CitSciGamers seem to have heard our warning yesterday, as they have pushed back from 7th to 4th place! STALLS WILL NOT PASS, on the other hand, have dropped to 5th, with the rest of the Top 10 taken by the familiar teams: EyesOnALZ, Alzheimer's Research UK, ALZ Bees and Cornell Univ.

All time:

The All time leaders remain unchanged, with the exception of some starting to lag behind more than other by the number of total points they have...

For example, CitSciGamers currently need over 4 million points just to catch up to Middle School STEM! Stall Destroyers are a little bit better off with just 760 thousand points short of taking the 1st place.

Here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Time left: 4 days! Good luck everyone!