One of our super catchers, Guy Calkins (you might have noticed him at the top of the leaderboards as gcalkins!) has visited the Schaffer-Nishimura Lab recently, and met the scientists doing the biomedical research behind Stall Catchers, as well as our project lead, Pietro.

Among learning more about the work that the lab is doing, and sharing his feedback and own ideas on how to improve Stall Catchers, Guy also agreed to give us an interview.

Check it out here - Guy shares how he found Stall Catchers, why he's been interested in the game, and even a threat to a fellow catchers, whoops - tips on getting good in Stall Catchers! 😅

And here's Guy's "secrets" on how he got so good:

And a threat, whoops - acknowledgement of a fellow catcher & competitor, Michael Capraro (caprarom) 😅

Many thanks to Guy for coming all the way out to Ithaca for a visit, and for sharing his experiences and feedback about the game!