Tomorrow we come together as one people, joined in a common quest to vanquish this debilitating disease for our parents, our friends, our descendants, and ourselves. It will be an honor to break bread with you while we crush Alzheimer's.Pietro Michelucci, lead of EyesOnALZ

We're very excited to announce that at the time of writing we have 19 teams who will join the catchathon from all across the world tomorrow!

We wanted to tell you more about them, and here it is... (more to come!)

Team name: Olivia's Team
Town: Gainesville
Country: USA

The University of Florida Stall Catcher Team includes STEM students and friends! Four team members are PhD students in Biomedical Engineering: Ben Goolsby, Olivia Lanier, Michaela Mertz, and Kaitlynn Olczak. Tom Linehan is a PhD student in mechanical engineering, and Omani Tuitt is an undergraduate student in mechanical engineering. Yash Shah is a PhD student in materials science and engineering. Ariel Lanier is an undergraduate student in chemical engineering at Ohio University. Anne Bottcher is working on a degree in human resources, and is in retail management. Brandi Wisecarver is an elementary school STEM teacher. Matthew King is an independent game developer. We are all very passionate about biomedical research, and think that StallCatchers is an innovative way to both help speed up research analysis and educate the public about current research

Team name: Ugacatchers (event on Facebook)
Town: Kampala
Country: Uganda

Team Ugacatchers ready to crush Alzheimer’s in Stall Catchers, to save lives from the deadly disease Alzheimer’s.

Team name: This is Our Life (group on Facebook)
Town: Watertown, MA
Country: USA

>A group of friends and family ( and friends who are like family) trying to do everything we can to see an end to Alzheimer's!!! We are in it to end it!!!! #CRUSHALZ #gamesforgramps

Team name: Kaunas Makerspace (event on Facebook)
Town: Kaunas
Country: Lithuania

>We are a group of makers and hackers (some also who consider themselves at least 80% biologists, among other things!) who are dwelling into the realm of citizen science for the first time. >We believe that Stall Catchers is very relaxing & helps to meditate!! And - we want to fight Alzheimer's disease.

Team name: CornellCooperativeHouses (event on Facebook)
Town: Ithaca, NY
Country: USA

>The best part of Cornell University is its cooperative houses! A collection of crazy students happy to play StallCatchers to support friends.

Team name: Not catching pokemon tonight (event on Meetup)
Town: Brighton
Country: UK

>Members of the Brighton CitSci Meetup group will be meeting at the Victory Inn, in Brighton, UK. We are going for a fun catching session with beers. I mean... pizza ! We are excited to take lart of this first worldwide catchathon. Good luck to all participants !

Team name: Balboa Avenue Citizen Scientists (event on Facebook)
Town: San Diego, CA
Country: USA

>Balboa Avenue Citizen Scientists, based in San Diego, California USA, is a Stall Catchers team in the Crowd & Cloud League. San Diego is a world center for biomedical research, and generates energetic social media activity to promote awareness of various diseases, research initiatives, and potential new treatments.
Stay tuned for the rest of them & see you at the catchathon tomorrow! There is still time to sign up if you haven't already done so!