Finally, our long awaited manuscript is out there - in Nature's Scientific Reports!

You can find the open access article in full here. In a nutshell...

You helped discover that: A high fat diet increases the severity of Alzheimer's in mice, but not by increasing the frequency of stalls.

All Stall Catchers volunteers who contributed to the particular dataset (the High Fat Diet dataset, more about it here and in the video below πŸ‘‡) were included as contributors in the supplementary information of the article (you can download the supplemental materials here, catchers' usernames are in pages 9-15).

Our original plan was to include "Stall Catchers" with a link to all usernames in the list of authors for the paper (you can see how we did that in the pre-print here). However, at the last minute we discovered this way of crediting citizen scientists would not be allowed in Nature, which has among the most conservative policies. The fall back plan, negotiated by our biomedical collaborator Chris Schaffer, of the Schaffer-Nishimura lab, was to include the username list in supplementary materials.

While we're somewhat disappointed, this way the contributors' usernames will follow the manuscript everywhere and will be stored on the publisher site. Nonetheless, we are seeking a better solution for the future, not just for Stall Catcher, but for all of citizen science. More about that soon!

Congratulations to us all, and biggest thanks to those who contributed to the analysis of these data!!! πŸ’œ