It's the first day of Winter and with it begins the Winter Holiday anticipation ! ♡❄
(at least so here in Europe anyway! :))

We feel this season is just right to be sharing all the good things that have filled your year with your family and friends. So, why not take the time and #ShareTheJoy of Catching


That's me showing my grandma (85) how to catch stalls 😄

#####Share []( with your children, grandparents, parents, friends, auntie Sylvia, and absolutely everyone you hold dear! :) Teach them, tell them all about how this game you play helps crush Alzheimer's disease!! ([This video]( might help do that by the way - just in case! :))

AND some surprises await you in the Stall Catchers family season, including a special tournament ! More about that soon, but now is not too early to start gathering your family & friends team, hint hint ;)

Pietro catching stalls in the snow with his daughter Eva! ♡❄

Stay tuned, and Happy Winter!! 😊❄❄❄