It's October, and we're celebrating our first birthday in Stall Catchers!

It's been a year full of adventures for sure! We're cooking up some graphics to illustrate our main milestones & the achievements of our community during the last 12 months to share with you very soon.

But for now, we'd like to acknowledge... YOU! ==All of our catchers==, whose contributions - big & small - are pushing us closer to understanding & treating Alzheimer's disease every day.

Catchers of the year

We pulled together some numbers from the first year of Stall Catchers to see who our rock star catchers have been. Check it out! Do you see yourself in there?!

Top catchers by score:

Top catchers by total movies analysed:

Most active catchers (Top 10 catchers by total days played):

Catchers who managed to reach perfect sensitivity (100% blue bar!):

Thank you super catchers and EVERYONE who participated & supported us during our first year!! Full speed ahead! πŸ™Œ