We already told you the story of the first #CitSciTrophy that we awarded to Lake Hazel Middle School students some weeks ago, for winning the #CrushALZ competition !

After the winter break we received photos of the trophy from their teacher, Ms. Erin Davis (who, to be perfectly honest, became Mrs. Erin Lamichhane during that time! Congrats Erin !! πŸ’πŸ’’). The trophy ended up in the school's primary trophy case!!

The story has now also been published on the syndicated SciStarter, Discover Magazine & PLoS Blogs 😊

We also uploaded the designs of the trophy itself to GitHub - they are completely open source, so just grab them & make your own changes if you like to use them for your project !

If you have ideas, questions or suggestions related to EyesOnALZ, Stall Catchers, Alzheimer's disease or citizen science in general, drop by our forum! You can also always reach us at info@eyesonalz.com.