The holiday season is almost over, and so is our #CatchXmas competition!

We hid a number of surprises in Stall Catchers movies, such as these:
Some of these proved really difficult to find, as the secret item was only in one layer of the movie, but some had multiple! Sorry for making it too hard though - we'll do better next time! ;)

Five of our catchers managed to find at least one holiday item, and two catchers - GnabGib & scatcher - found 4 each!

As an award, we are making a tribute gift ($30 each) in their names to the BrightFocus Foundation to further support Alzheimer's Disease Research.
**GnabGib** has already dedicated it to =="Everyone affected by Alzheimers"== πŸ’œ. (And we are yet to hear back from **scatcher**!)

In addition, all five catchers: GnabGib, scatcher, Michael Landau, Gintaras Gudinavicius and Christiane will receive (or perhaps already received!) a very special, Stall Catchers community-inspired holiday card in the mail πŸ’œ
"Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh" - our catcher Tom Adams submitted it to the "funny vessels" collection on our forum, and we used it to make holiday cards!! Thanks, Tom, this one is amazing! (Every time I see it, I start singing this though: Don McLean - Vincent)

"Dragonfly" - another catch in the "funny vessels" collection by catcher seplute (me 😬).

"Congratulations! We're so excited that you found the Stall Catchers holiday treasure - we put it there just for you :) With such a watchful eye to find it, we know you are making important contributions to the disease research. Our gratitude and best New Year wishes, The EyesOnALZ Team"
Gintaras, who is a player from Lithuania, also got a little bonus note in Lithuanian ... πŸ˜‡
P.S. I made those envelopes myself too 😳 why does no one sell square envelopes?! Was fun though 😊

Thank you all for participating - hope you holidays were peaceful & fun all round! πŸ’œ