Last December we told you about our goal to reach 10 000 Stall Catchers users - and we almost made it!!

Today, we're almost 8 thousand, and we're not about to stop there!! 😊

We like to aim high 😈

2017 was a year of major growth for us: our numbers grew from 1 500 to almost 8 000 catchers!!

This was largely thanks to:

With almost 8 000 catchers we are analyzing Alzheimer's research data about twice as fast as it could be done in the lab! But the more eyes we have on the data, the faster it goes!

If we could ramp up our numbers up to at least 30 000 catchers, we could reach our research goals & find Alzheimer's treatment targets much faster.

Are you in? Help us grow this number!!!

######What we're planning:

We have some serious plans for 2018 that will, hopefully, not only to bring more players to the game, but also improve your experience, and introduce more features to keep it interesting!!

To start with, there's a referral system coming soon... That's about all that we will say about it now, but just have in mind that you might soon be able to claim extra credit for the new catchers you bring into the game ! 😈

How you can help:
  • Invite all your friends & family to join Stall Catchers!!

Hint: you can create your own team, and share the invite link with everyone you'd like to invite! Find instructions here.

  • Tweet, blog, share on Facebook - whatever you're into!

Here's handy links to share on:

Or you can just share this link & call to action:
Join the crowd that's speeding up #Alzheimers research! Working together, we could find a cure faster: #citizenscience #dementia #CRUSHAlz #ENDAlz #citsci #onlinegames #gaming #science #STEM

  • Organize a local event!! You can run a catchathon, a Stall Catchers focus group, Stall Catchers booth at a local science fair or festival - or anything else you can think of!

We'll support you as best as we can, and here's some handy resources to start with. Here's a also quick start guide for booths, and a "Getting started" flyer for download. Draw inspiration from other events here.

  • Have local contacts with journalists & the media? Bloggers or vloggers? Encourage them to write about Stall Catchers!

Or cover the story yourself of course! Here's our press kit to start with.

  • Help us translate Stall Catchers!

Can you translate to your mother-tongue or any other language you speak? We are starting to look for volunteer translators for the near future - sign up here right now!

  • Think of another creative way to promote Stall Catchers?! By all means - go for it!!

If you need support of any kind at any point, feel free to contact us at, or leave a message on our forum.

Full speed ahead & looking forward to great new things in 2018! πŸŽ‰