Almost 30-days ago now we announced Stall Catchers' first - the 30-day challenge! Yes, as the name suggests it should be ending any day now, but ...

Our challenge bar has gone rogue!

Due to a slight mishap in the implementation, the challenge bar has gone a little ahead of itself and is now over 95% complete! Which would be great, except we have not reached quite as many vessel annotations as the bar thinks...

In any case, our validation study is going fantastically well - the Crowd (hint: YOU) are producing excellent consensus results in finding stalls, the experts in the lab may soon be outranked! :P But, we still need to get those numbers in to wrap it up... The more the better!

Challenge extended!

For this purpose, and because we need to turn the bar back a little (damn, it seemed so close!), we are extending the challenge !! :)

It will now run until the 20th of December - right before Christmas! Rest assured there will be a little Christmas bonus as we draw near the finish line... ;)

But more on that later!

Happy stall catching for now, and apologies for the confusion!.. :)

First pancake, always burnt... :) (Or as we say in Lithuania, pirmas blynas visada prisvilęs! :p)

(Yes, those are pancakes.)