The first day of #CrushALZ week two has concluded & there's a revolution happening in the daily leaderboard! Read all about it below...

If you don't know what the super awesome competition to #CrushALZ is (yes, we are crushing Alzheimer's), check here!

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Day 8
Start of day: April 13, 8pm ET
End of day: April 14, 8pm ET
Hours: 24

Teams: 19
Total vessels annotated: 6425 ↓13.71
Real vessels annotated: 3561↓7.31%
-- Proportion of Real vessels: 55%
Progress toward research goal: 9.34%

Leading teams:

Stall Destroyers, who took 10th place the day before, now BROKE THROUGH TO THE FIRST PLACE!! And they did so with a whopping 539 660 points! Good work Stall Destroyers - and a good example of what a new team can do when they are determined to #CrushALZ!

Middle School STEM were a little behind with 366 515 points, very closely followed by CitSciGamers - previous winners of #CrushALZ daily five times in a row - withff 362 971.

KMS Genius Hour had about half the points of CitSci Gamers and took the 4th place again, while EyesOnALZ dropped to the 5th!

And last but not least - we congratulate the Hawthorne at Leesburg , for the residents and family members of Hawthorne at Leesburg retirement community for making it into the daily leaderboard!

So how is the research going?

Pretty well, if you ask me, as catchers are steadily annotating at least 3,5 K real vessels per day! This amount of vessels could take over 3 weeks to analyze in the lab, and catchers do it in one day.

However, it is important to consider that we currently need 20 annotations per vessel to be absolutely sure whether it is flowing or stalled. (Spoiler alert: we are actively working on dynamic methods that would reduce this number significantly - as catchers have already proven their expertise in this, and we could certainly go faster!) That's why there's still quite a bit of a way to go to reach the research goal of 160 000!

If you are already playing Stall Catchers - you are already doing GREAT work to #CrushALZ! Consider growing your team to we can get to the goal faster & answer the important research question regarding stalls & amyloid plaques.

Grab the invite link to your team - right below the team name on your team page - and share it with everyone you'd like to invite!

We are currently just over 9% done! 3 more weeks to turn that into 100% ... :)

Sneak peek into the Cornell lab

Oh the fun times - we just got a sneak peek into the lab where the vessel movies of Stall Catchers are being produced at the Schaffer-Nishimura Lab, and, not the least, got a personal THANK YOU for our efforts by Nozomi Nishimura, who is leading the lab. 😊
Nozomi, will be one of the people to analyze the important #CrushALZ data generated by us - stall catchers.

Check it out!

All time results

All time leaders did not change much from Day 7, EXCEPT, Stall Destroyers jumping up from 10th to 6th place! Nice work. In the meantime CitSciGamers and Middle School STEM are still leading the way, while Cornell Univ, our biomedical experts, have lost their position to our "home" team - EyesOnALZ (😈), and BrightFocus Foundation climbing up one position to take 5th place.

How many thousands?

😆 60 ! We have now annotated 66 371 overall vessels, of which 33 631 were real ones!

Let's keep it going! And have a wonderful weekend everyone