Day 4 has now concluded at Stall Catchers #CrushALZ competition, including some whopping numbers, new teams, and - how can we ever avoid them - some technical issues in the game!

See the full report below and don't forget...

It is not too late to join the #CrushALZ competition! It runs until May 6, new teams are popping up all the time, and they are making their steady way to the top of the leaderboards! Guidance on how to join is here.

Day 4
Start of day: April 9, 5pm ET
End of day: April 10, 8pm ET
Hours: 27

Teams: 17
Total vessels annotated: 6538
Real vessels annotated: 4804
-- Proportion of Real vessels: 73%
Progress toward research goal: 5.12%

Leading teams:

==**[CitSciGamers](** maintained their **LEADER POSITION** on Day 4 too, earning 327 176 points in total!!== Their activity could also be closely linked with a week of citizen science games on [@IamCitSci]( Twitter account by Claire Baert - [check it out](, if you haven't yet!

Middle School STEM were not that far behind with 218 686 points, leaving EyesOnALZ 154 908 points behind!
Next were Citizen Science Plus who are climbing back up the leaderboard, followed by the BrightFocus Foundation, and KMS Genius Hour - a newby in leader positions! Congratulations!

You can join any of these teams by navigating to the Teams (beta) on Stall Catchers & selecting the one you like!

All time results

Middle School STEM are still maintaining their strong position in FIRST PLACE in the All time leaderboard, followed by Cornell Univ while CitSciGamers broke through to third place!

New teams & new records!

Join these teams to help them get started!

  • Another milestone in #CrushALZ! We have now collectively annotated 38 389 vessels - yep, 40 K is COMING!
  1. Whopping rate of real annotations! As explained before, the more experienced you get at Stall Catchers, the more real vessels - those that are pushing us towards the research goal - you get to annotate. Our collective rate of real vessels is now 73%!! That is an amazing achievement in such a short amount of time.
    On the other hand - we are annotating slightly fewer vessels in general day to day - which is why you should INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS to help you & your team :))

To invite new members to your team, just grab the invite link right below the team name on your team page & share it with everyone, tweet, post on Facebook, and so on! New members who follow the link will have to register at Stall Catchers & will automatically become members of your team.

Technical disturbances at Stall Catchers

Last night Stall Catchers players dealt with a rather disturbing error of Flowing & Stalled buttons disappearing!! We worked hard to resolve this issue & after a while found the likely cause that was taken care of (see our reports here, where you can also follow & report any issues as they arise in the future).

Thank you everyone for alerting us about the issue in time & apologies for any inconvenience caused!

You can always report the technical issues on this forum thread, or email us right away at including as much detail of the issue as you can.

Good work everyone - despite some rocks along the road, we are steadily pushing forward to #CrushALZ!