Day 3 of our #CrushALZ competition on Stall Catchers - a game to fight Alzheimer's disease with real science - has concluded. The leaderboards have never been more dynamic!! Below - all the results summarized.

If you would like to accelerate promising Alzheimer's research at Cornell University - WE NEED YOU! Simply join today and help us analyze real research data.

Day 3
Start of day: April 8, 5pm ET
End of day: April 9, 5pm ET
Hours: 24

Teams: 15
Total vessels annotated: 9202
Real vessels annotated: 5235
-- Proportion of Real vessels: 57%
Progress toward research goal: 3.84%

Leading teams:

==**[CitSciGamers](** have made it to **FIRST PLACE** on Day 3!!== The team is lead by Clare Baert, the creator of the amazing []( & our recent gaming advisor on [Stall Catchers](! (You can join their team [here](

Middle School STEM, winners of Day 2, were not that far behind, with EyesOnALZ & Alzheimer's Research UK falling to third and fourth places.

Another surprise - ==a new team PoliMappers, who only joined a day ago, made it to fifth place on the leaderboard! ==Congratulations to the students at Politecnico di Milano, Italy!

New All time leaders!

As predicted, Middle School STEM finally took the lead in the All time leaderboard, leaving our biomedical experts, Cornell Univ 122 228 points behind! Congratulations Middle School STEM! (You can join their team here.)

Remember: it is never too late to join the competition to #CrushALZ! Experience climbs quickly at Stall Catchers, and daily leaderboards change all the time - YOUR NEW TEAM could be the next winners!

Find the directions on how to join #CrushALZ in this blog post.

Experience is CLIMBING!

Even though this is a team competition - we are all a one big team on Stall Catchers after all! And in three days of #CrushALZ our collective experience has risen so much, that we are now analyzing real vessels at 57% rate! (This is really something, considering that most participants only joined the game a few days ago.)

"Real" vessels are those that have never been seen by anyone but you & are the ones pushing us to the research goal. More in Day 2 post.

This means that we are getting to research goal faster, which is the grand goal of #CrushALZ! More about the research goal in the next post.

Good Luck on Day 4 everyone & if you haven't joined the competition yet - JOIN NOW! Everyone can do it ;)