Day 6 is concluded! 24 days to go, and we are making strides in crushing ALZ on Stall Catchers already :) See full results of Day 6 below, and remember...

It is not too late to join the team competition to #CrushALZ! Find the instructions here on how to create & manage a team on Stall Catchers.

Day 6
Start of day: April 11, 8pm ET
End of day: April 12, 8pm ET
Hours: 24

Teams: 18
Total vessels annotated: 7738 ↑21.44%
Real vessels annotated: 3518↑21.72%
-- Proportion of Real vessels: 55%
Progress toward research goal: 7.29%

Leading teams:

Still going strong - CitSciGamers took the first place on Day 6, third day in a row! EyesOnALZ and Middle School STEM also maintained their positions in second and third place, but KMS Genius Hour not only made it to the leaderboard after a day break, but took fourth place! Congratulations!

BrightFocus Foundation and the new Stall Destroyers were right behind.

Oh the fun numbers!

  • Our total annotated vessels per day is climbing again! Collectively we analyzed 7738 vessels (21.44% more than the day before) in one day, 3518 of which were "real" vessels - ones of the current dataset pushing us towards answering the research question.
    Analyzing ~7738 real vessels in the lab could take 8 weeks, and Stall Catchers players do the same in one day! Considering that we currently need at least 20 answers per vessel to be sure, it is still several times faster than in the lab - and we are just starting here!!
  1. Another 10K for the Stall Catchers! We have now annotated a total of 52 500 vessels!! WOOHOO! 👏
    Here's our climb so far:

  2. Big teams & strong members! If you thought having a BIG team is a sure way to #CrushALZ, it is not exactly the case!
    Our leaders third day in a row, CitSciGamers, have only 7 members, and yet they score over 700 000 points each day, more than 100 000 per member!
    On the other hand, Middle School STEM are strong in the leader positions with a whopping 124 members!

Let's see what other team winning strategies pop up soon, as the competition heats up! 😈

All time results

CitSciGamers jumped from third place & took the first place in the All time leaderboard! Good work gamers :) Middle School STEM was left behind, Cornell Univ following in third place.

Have fun catching on the last day of the Stall Catchers week !!!