If you are a Stall Catchers player you’ll know – there are two kinds (or “levels”) of rewards that you can get during the game: generous points for calibration movies (ones we already know the answer to), and token points for the “Maybes”, or real movies (that we rely on the Crowd to answer)...

Unfortunately, the latter is considerably smaller than that of calibration movies – which is ironic, as by answering real movies you’re making the most significant contribution to the research!

Naturally, many of you have noticed this (especially our power users!) and spoken up.

And we listened!

We’ve been cooking up a new feature to solve just this problem: Redeem. From today, you’ll notice a new button between your individual score board and the leaderboard, which will indicate whether you have any points to redeem for previously correctly answer real movies:

How does it work exactly?

Usually, when you annotate a real movie, we don’t yet know the answer. That is why, as before, you will get a “Maybe” response for real movies, and a handful of points as a thank you for your efforts. This answer will join the queue of “pending” movies.

Click on the button at any time to find out how many movies are pending:

However, once we accumulate enough individual answers, we can tell – with high confidence – whether the movie is flowing or stalled. As soon as this threshold is reached and the system determines the Crowd answer for a particular movie, we can also tell whether YOU got it right, or not!

If your answer agreed with the Crowd, the movie will become "redeemable" and the Redeem button will light up green! This means you have points to redeem – click on it, and you’ll get all the points that we "owe" you for the correctly annotated real movies!


As you can see, the amount of points per movie will correspond to that you get for calibration movies, which means you are finally getting all the points you deserve!

Once you redeem the available points, the button will go back to cool blue. If at any time you click on it, you will be able to see how many movies are "pending".

That's that!

Enjoy, and Happy Stall Catching! ♡