Better have too many eyes searching for a cure, than too few, right? 😜 Well, that's exactly what happened in the Megathon today (a record 1253 people played!), and despite all our best preparations and scaling up the servers (and moving them to dynamic Microsoft Azure systems), our database couldn't keep up with y'all, which took down the site 😞

So sorry to everyone who tried to join us during the Megathon hours and couldn't -- so frustrating!! To us too, of course. But, every cloud has a silver lining... After the event, we were consoled by our constant inspiration, Judy Johanson 💜 -- here is what she said..:

What a wonderful collaboration today! While there were glitches, it was very metaphoric for how living with Alzheimer’s is... some days the connections are just harder to make, no matter how you try....its why we continue in this quest!
Judy J.

Indeed. And that's why we will continue until we crack this nut!! The current Megathon dataset, for starters :)

Megathon extended!

Our site is up and running again, and we have extended the Megathon challenge until the end of the weekend (11.59pm ET on Sunday) !! So there's plenty of time to contribute.

WE NEED EVERYONE TO PITCH IN to complete this dataset -- looking at how high blood pressure affects stalling in the brain, and whether that could offer a preventive pathway for people at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Go back to catching stalls!

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