Here I am again, bringing more pre-Megathon news 😍 one of our colleagues of the Citizen Science Day librarians working group, Chris Santos-Lang, organized a pre-Megathon meetup in his library in Belleville (WI) last week, with great success!!

Here it is in Chris' own words:

My group celebrated Citizen Science Day at our local library last Saturday by recruiting people for the Stall Catchers Megathon. What a wonderful success!

We had a wide range of ages come join us for the project--younger people were teaching older people to play the video game--and people who had never heard of citizen science before. It was our most popular project yet, and the Stall Catchers activity was super easy and reliable to organize.

If you have not already planned a Citizen Science Day celebration. I highly recommend that you do this now. Either invite a bunch of people to a WiFi-enabled place this coming Saturday for the Megathon, or just ask your network to share a Citizen Science Day announcement that includes this link: so people can join from their own homes.

There are still many people who have never heard of citizen science. Citizen Science Day is a wonderful opportunity to lift all boats by raising awareness of citizen science in general!

Chris Santos-Lang, Citizen Science Belleville

Thank you so much, Chris, and the entire Citizen Science Belleville community for sharing your Megathon experiences !! Hope that inspires many others to join us on Saturday πŸ’œ

There's still time, so SIGN UP NOW! πŸ™Œ

Handy Megathon resources: