Last week, with the help of Samantha Taggart (H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program) & her mom - Martha Taggart (from the BrightFocus Foundation - our sponsors!) we sent Stall Catchers to H-B Woodlawn school Science Fair in Arlington, VA (USA), for Grades 6th - 12th.

And it was a great success! Sam sent us a note:

The Stall Catchers booth at H-B Woodlawn’s Science Expo last Thursday was a hit! We had tons of students, parents, and other community members who came up to the booth to learn about Stall Catchers, how to play, and discuss what the new “Citizen Science” movement is all about. I’d say it was a great success! Hopefully you've noticed some more folks registering and logging on to play Stall Catchers from Arlington, VA since Thursday.
Samantha Taggart, teacher at H-B Woodlawn

And some photos taken my Martha:
Sam, who organized the booth:

The crowd at the booth - it was run by students!

According to Sam, there was a lot of interest among parents too, including one parent who was interested in bringing Stall Catchers to their own classroom, as well as use it as a community service opportunity for ESOL (English as a second language learners) students who often hold jobs outside of school which prevent them from attending community events but could make time to do some fun, interactive stall catching in order to aid Alzheimer’s research! Amazing!!

Our biggest thanks to Sam & Martha for bringing Stall Catchers to H-B Woodlawn & sharing event moments with us!

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You can also check out some event resources here. And here's a also quick start guide for booths, and a "Getting started" flyer for download.