If you’ve joined the International Catchathon, you may have noticed that the Virtual Microscope progress bar is different from the progress bar on the Live Leaderboard.

If you get anything out of this blogpost, let it be this:

The Live Leaderboard progress bar has the true dataset progress!

We found that the progress bar in the Virtual Microscope is misbehaving, so pay attention to the progress bar on the Live Leaderboard.

How much have we completed so far? As of this post, we’ve completed 40.7% of the dataset!

The total dataset completion is different from the number on the progress bar. There are three different phases. Right now, the analyzation phase is at 100%, the validation phase is 22.2%, and the verification phase is 0%, which makes the overall completion of the dataset 40.7%.

(This blog post has a great explanation of the breakdown if you’re wondering why there are different colors and percentages on the progress bar.)

The challenge is to complete the whole dataset by the end of the Final Hour on Friday. Let’s do it!!