There are less than 24 hours left in the Catchathon! It’s amazing that we are almost HALF WAY to our goal.

Just a reminder, the goal was to reanalyze the Crowdbots dataset in 1 WEEK.

Originally it took us about a month to complete the dataset, but you amazing humans have cut that time in half! But it’s not over yet, and there are many more stalls to catch.

(If you're curious, there are precisely 32,224 movies left to annotate😱)

But this is a competition, right? So let’s look at some stats!

First, we’ll look at individual scores. Here’s what the individual scores looked like two days ago.

This is what the "Catcher: Score" chart looked like on April 4th, 2023

And here’s what they look like today.

This is what the "Catcher: Score" chart looks like today, April 6thm 2023

Looks like there've been some shifts 👀

But what about the teams? There’s been some shuffling there, too.

"Teams: Score" two days ago

Today's "Team: Score" chart

Looks like Retirees went up a slot, that’s exciting!

What about the research vessels point value? We can’t leave out that important metric!


Looks like there wasn’t any change as far as positions on this chart, but look at those points!

And last but not least, research vessels by teams.

2 days ago


Looks like everyone stayed right where they were two days ago on this chart, but you can tell people are invested in keeping their place on the leaderboard!

I wonder if these metrics will look different by the end of the Final Hour, tomorrow? I guess we’ll see👀