Intrigued? You should be... 😎

Inspired by our recent success during CitSciMed Blitz, where we awarded participants with a digital badge for their contributions, we are planning a big bang for CitSciDay which kicks off this Saturday, April 14th.

Together with SciStarter and a number of citizen science colleagues, we will invite you to sample various projects in several thematic tracks, collect participant badges, complete missions and compete for the ultimate CitSciDay HERO badge!

Why badges? We (the Human Computation Institute) are building on our research to recognize informal learning achievements, and are launching an ecosystem of citizen science badges. Not just to award volunteers for their participation, but also provide them with proof of activities undertaken and skills gained across citizen science projects. More about that soon!

That's all we're going to say for now... Stay tuned for more details to come on this blog, and get ready to collect some awesome citizen science badges starting this weekend! πŸ…