Catchathon is a catching marathon of the Stall Catchers citizen science game. Anyone can hold one in their local pub, school, library, hackerspace or anywhere else!

How to hold a catchathon?

Firstly, find a place & invite all your friends & family!

Secondly, prepare for the event. We will provide all the materials & guidance that you'll need. Here's the detailed step-by-step guide !

Lastly, and most importantly, order pizza (or whatever you fancy!), meet & start catching ! If you'd like us to set up a special challenge leaderboard for your catchathon, email us in advance (

Catch on up on the first International Catchathon of Stall Catchers here!

Read more about the inaugural Internation Catchathon of Stall Catchers in this [DiscoverMag article](

And here's our team leader, Pietro, inviting everyone to the first International Catchathon & explaining what it is:

Check out the LIVE stream of the first International Catchathon by The Crowd & The Cloud!