It's 0:00 o'clock, September 21, in Kiritimati, Christmas Island - the first timezone on the planet, and so begins the World Alzheimer's Day, together with the...

Second International Stall Catchers Catchathon❗

Teams and individuals across the planet will stand together for 48 hours and help speed up Alzheimer's research via the Stall Catchers citizen science game.

Teams and individual catchers from 18 countries on 6 continents already signed up!

**Everybody is invited!** You can contribute at any time between now and 10:00UTC, September 22. AND we especially encourage participation in **the Golden Hour, from 17:00UTC, September 21**, which will be live streamed on the EyesOnALZ [Facebook page](

You can follow the real time leaderboards of catchers here.

If you'd like to play for a specific country, please let us know via this form:

Otherwise, you can compete in individual and team leaderboards throughout the Catchathon!

Look for live updates (and one big surprise...😈) via the new Stall Catchers chatbox, our social media channels, and this blog!