The time has come for the Second International Catchathon of Stall Catchers ❗

We will join together as a planet again, this time on World Alzheimer's Day, to fight a disease that has no ethnic or geographic boundaries.

The catchathon will run for 48 hours, from the moment World Alzheimer's Day (September 21st) begins somewhere on the planet to the moment it ends in the last time zone: 10:00UTC, September 20 to 10:00UTC, September 22.

(Click here to find out when does the catchathon begin in your timezone.)

You can participate individually or with a team at any time, and we especially encourage you to join the Golden Hour which will take place from 17:00UTC, September 21.

(Click here to find out when does the Golden Hour begin in your timezone.)

The Golden Hour will be streamed live, pulling together video feeds from teams across the world. We will have our scientists and honored guests on air too! You will be able to watch the live stream on our Facebook page:

Snapshot from the Catchathon live stream last year, run by PBS' The Crowd & The Cloud.

######How to participate in Catchathon 2018? 1. **Sign up here:** []( Please indicate whether you would like to participate individually, or with a team. We will follow up with all the relevant information shortly after. 2. If you're participating with a team, grab the **step-by-step instructions** here: []( If you're joining online individually, check out this **info sheet for catchers**: []( 3. **Check out [Stall Catchers](** if you're new to the game! Here's a quick intro and tutorial to get you started (with multilingual subtitles): You can find more useful materials on our [getting started page]( too.

  1. Participate in the 48-hour competition, from 10:00 UTC, September 20, and the Golden Hour from 17:00 UTC, September 21, and help us make a dent in Alzheimer’s research!

Last year, over 20 teams from 15 countries on 6 continents joined the Catchathon, together completing one week of research in just one hour:

Join us in breaking new records this year, on World Alzheimer's Day!